I am a botanist and landscaper based in Cape Town, South Africa. I have a profound love for our flora – its textures, scents and its exceptional diversity. I love the way our landscapes change completely – sometimes dramatically – every few hundred kilometres.

As a landscaper, I think and design with plant palettes – groups of plants which serve a specific purpose (e.g. screening) or for  a particular habitat. I have recently completed a book called Indigenous Plant Palettes – a guide to plant selection. (Quivertree, November 2014). The posts on this blog follow two main themes – plant palettes found in Nature, and my own journey of learning as a landscaper.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Mrs Honig

    I am currently doing a project on roof gardens and would love to contact you about how fynbos could be implemented in a extensive green roof in the Western Cape. Is there anyway I could please have your email adress or come see you?

    Kind regards
    Janeke Volkmann
    civil engineering final year student at Stellenbosch


    • Hi Janeke. I am sorry to be responding a year late! Clearly I don’t check my blog much. Your research sounds very interesting. If it’s not too late, you are welcome to contact me on my surname at mweb dot coza. regards, MH


  2. Ms. Honig,

    I LOVE your book. Not only is it an amazing resource, it is a thing of beauty. It has made my life better. That is all. Thank you.


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