I am a botanist and landscaper based in Cape Town, South Africa. I have a profound love for our flora – its textures, scents and its exceptional diversity. I love the way our landscapes change completely – sometimes dramatically – every few hundred kilometres.

As a landscaper, I think and design with plant palettes – groups of plants which serve a specific purpose (e.g. screening) or for  a particular habitat. I have recently completed a book called Indigenous Plant Palettes – a guide to plant selection. (Quivertree, November 2014). The posts on this blog follow two main themes – plant palettes found in Nature, and my own journey of learning as a landscaper.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Mrs Honig

    I am currently doing a project on roof gardens and would love to contact you about how fynbos could be implemented in a extensive green roof in the Western Cape. Is there anyway I could please have your email adress or come see you?

    Kind regards
    Janeke Volkmann
    civil engineering final year student at Stellenbosch


  2. Ms. Honig,

    I LOVE your book. Not only is it an amazing resource, it is a thing of beauty. It has made my life better. That is all. Thank you.


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